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Hypnotherapy for Anger, Anxiety, Performance, Sleep and more…

About Me

Hello, my name is David. My first proper experience in using hypnosis was for sports when I was younger. I wanted to improve my cricket and archery performance. With the aid of hypnosis, I found that my batting scores improved, my technique improved and my mind was much calmer. While using this technique for two years in a row I had most improved played for my age group.

With archery, I was fine when it was going well but a few badly shot arrows would snowball and it would get worse and worse. Hypnosis helped me to keep focused and calm, leading to more consistent and improved scores both in practice and at competitions.

GHSC validated training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training which was awarded with a Diploma.

I have used hypnosis for calmer outcomes with my past career life and continue to use it for a whole manner of things, including both in my personal and professional life


Sleep Issues

Sleep is wonderful, when you get enough of that truly restful sleep you will feel on top of the world.

But maybe quality sleep is avoiding you right now.

  • Do you have a poor sleep pattern?
  • Is it shorter than you would like?
  • Are you sleeping a lot but not getting the deep restful sleep?
  • Are you sleepwalking or talking?

I have helped multiple clients with different types of sleep issues who wanted to sleep better. My aim is to help you to get longer, deeper and more restful sleep to your needs. The results can be fast with clients often feeding back that they have improved sleep after one session.

Anger Management

Anger can be appropriate in certain situations by keeping us safe and alive. However, it can at times take over and be more of a hindrance than a help. It can affect our relationships with our loved ones, our professional relationships/career life and in the areas between too.

With hypnotherapy we talk to the subconscious mind to create a more favourable and calm response.

Sports Performance

My personal background has helped me work with clients who really want to boost their performance, motivation and confidence whether that be for sporting, professional or personal reasons.

If you are an athlete who is struggling to tune out the distractions of competition or whats going on around you I can help you stay on the ‘zone’ with increased positivity and focus.


Anxiety can sometimes take us over with unwanted feelings preventing us from living the life we would like. It can seep into things we used to enjoy too. It can be a fear that holds us back from taking exciting opportunities. Anxiety can affect each one of us very differently.

Although it can feel very isolating you are not alone in this feeling. I have personally used hypnotherapy to help myself to feel calmer in interviews and to be more confident in public speaking.

With the free consultation, I like to understand how anxiety is affecting you currently and what you would like to feel.

Career Performance

At times people can find their drive, their motivation begins to slip. They start to procrastinate, which has a knock on effect. Deadlines become more stressful and may cause stressors in other areas too.

With hypnosis, I have helped clients to feel more driven, helped them to reignite their passion and their productivity. I have also helped clients to speak up what they wanted and what they wanted to achieve to their colleagues so they could advance in their career.

Career Performance

Hypnotherapy Subscription Service

High quality hypnotherapy audios for specific outcomes. I am in the process of creating hypnotherapy audios to upload to a streaming platform linked below. The audios will cover a mixture of topics such as sleep, stress relief, anger relief, focus and motivation and more.

If you would like to have an experience please use the code “Free14” to have 14 days free access before investing. I’m also taking requests on audios to add as well and any areas of improvements. If you have any suggestions please contact me with the details on this website.

 Are you ready to make a committed change? 

Are you wanting to learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy? 

If you have answered yes and you want to progress forward, book in for a consultation so you can make the right decision for you.

Due to Covid-19 we are only offering online sessions until further notice from the Government.



I had Clinical Hypnotherapy with David for anxiety and felt very calm and relaxed after the treatment. David puts you at ease and is very professional. I got some good coping techniques to take away. THANK YOU David



I can thoroughly recommend the clinical hypnotherapy treatment I received from David Webb. It has proved to be very effective insofar as it has helped to substantially decrease the symptoms and, at the same time, has now enabled me to better manage the ‘triggers’ which cause anxiety and associated conditions. His help has been invaluable. David has a very positive and confidence-inspiring manner and I have no hesitation in recommending him. A big thank you!



Thank you very much for the treatment, I found your voice very relaxing and felt really at ease the whole way through. Afterwards I had more energy and less feelings of anxiety which was a real help. Would highly recommend



Good technique and patience. Really helped in the areas in which I wanted to improved – there has been a noticeable difference. Very pleased and would recommend if anyone is considering hypnotherapy as an option.



Excellent session today. David is professional, approachable and produces great results. I feel energised, relaxed and refreshed with tools to help bust stress. Thank you David



I went to David for hypnotherapy in the run up to my wedding, as I was worried about my anxiety taking over on my wedding day, and me not enjoying the day. David was always welcoming and explained everything prior to it happening. Within 3 sessions, my anxiety had significantly improved, and on my wedding day, I was calm, collected, happy and able to enjoy my day. I couldn’t wait to thank David, as I truly believe the day would have been very different otherwise. Not only that, my day to day anxiety has improved massively. I would 100% recommend David, and would advise anyone who suffers with anxiety to go for a consultation and speak to David about how he can help you.



After seeing David for improving sports performance, I have found great results! David goes through what to expect with the processes and what results to expect with you. It has been a great experience throughout and would highly recommend!



David has a soft voice that makes you relax instantly. He talked me through what we were going to do and how that even though it was hypnotherapy there was no way that he could make me do anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. David then got me to close my eyes and we started the hypnotherapy session. His was so relaxing and easy to follow. I felt as though I had been under for longer than I thought, it was that relaxing! I weaned myself off my medication with the help of my medical professional so that I could see for myself the true benefits of this treatment. When David came to my unwanted sensation level was at a 7-8/10 after the session I was down to a 2, which for me was amazing and really slept a good health sleep for a few nights after before having to go to my “healing place” I’m pleased to say that I can go to “my healing place” when I need to and I am more able to relax and sleep better and feel more rested as a result. Thank you David



My initial thoughts when considering hypnosis for nervousness and panic attacks, while driving on fast roads, were scepticism and wariness. However David was very good at reassuring any worries I had and explaining the procedures. The treatments have not only helped me understand, and work through my fears, without panicking, but have also helped me assess other situations without reacting impulsively to them. I have found that I can get to sleep quicker,without running over situations that would worry me. I have a better quality of sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed, and not over planning the day ahead. The hypnosis sessions have been very helpful and much more constructive and positive than counselling. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with David for anyone experiencing challenges and stress in life.



On Sunday David Webb hypnotised me to not eat chocolate or buy chocolate when I go to the supermarket. I went food shopping last night and didn’t want any chocolate. I bought it because my daughter wanted cream eggs. I have no urge to eat it or want it! I am amazed! Thank you!



I went to David for help with my sleep disorder, from the first appointment David made me feel comfortable, I saw results from the first appointment, I continue to use the techniques he has taught me and my sleep goes from strength to strength. I would highly recommend David!



David was professional, friendly and explained everything in detail before we proceeded. He took the time to assess what I needed and the best ways to work with me and made sure I was comfortable. He used a variety of techniques to achieve my goal and I think he did a great job. I have definitely achieved what I wanted to and its had a big impact on my life!



I just wanted to say a big thank you. I did not think that hypnotherapy would be able to help me get back on track with healthy eating. After some emotional turmoil last year, I did not realise or notice that I had turned to food as a way of coping with circumstances outside of my control. I was so impressed with my first session; I did not think that I would notice a change in myself immediately. Thank you so much for your understanding and none judgemental approach. I felt confident and at ease straight away. I am now on a much healthier path and feel much better for it, both physically and mentally. I will be sure to recommend your services. With many thanks



David massively helped me out, he explained everything step by step and listened to what I wanted. I had insomnia that had been steadily getting worse for 6 years, after 1 session I started sleeping better than I had in a long time. It took 3 sessions overall but now it’s been a month and I’ve slept every single night. 5/5 recommendation



I had a hypnotherapy session with David as I was struggling with motivation. I was finding it difficult to study and to get motivated to go out to the gym and get active again! David really helped before we started the hypno he did a consultation to find out exactly what I wanted from it. He explained the whole process and answered any questions I had. The hypnotherapy really worked! I’ve been more motivated to go to the gym and study and passed an exam by 84%! Really would recommend David, he’s very professional and really wants to help with what you want to achieve! I’m already checking my calendar to see when I can see him next.



I cannot recommend David highly enough. If you’re worried about trying Hypnotherapy David will talk you through the process and cover any concerns and you’ll feel totally at ease. The even better part is it works! We’ve covered several topics already, and in once session I’ve managed to control sleep apnoea and sleep better and for longer. We’reworking on a couple of phobias at the moment too. He won’t just leave you to it afterwards either – customer follow up is brilliant. What are you waiting for? Go for it!



I engaged with Dave on his Weight reduction programme. The results spoke for themselves – down a dress size whilst never dieting or cutting out any special food group. Dave has a great empathetic manner which puts you at ease straight away. It can be painful to talk about your problems – he doesn’t judge – only listens. Dave is able to quickly understand the issues you are experiencing and to incorporate them into the hypnotherapy session. The whole experience leaves you feeling relaxed and motivated. (He is also great with cats) I highly recommend!


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In-Person Consultations

Consultations are in person (this is currently depending on Covid-19 guidelines). This gives my clients a chance to see if hypnotherapy is the right therapy for them and additionally that I am the right therapist for them. This is to give an opportunity to make an informed decision. 

Not Local?

If you are not local but still would like to work with me, I can deliver hypnotherapy over the internet via Zoom.


£25 for consultation, refundable if a package is taken.

£225 for a package of 3 sessions.
£195 for smoking cessation.
Corporate packages also available for both group and individual sessions.

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