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Hypnotherapy is used for many things such as helping with sleep issues. This may be tossing and turning through the night trying to get to sleep or feeling restless due to sleep walking. It can be used to help in other areas such as performance, in both in career in sport. This may could be in helping to boost confidence and to rehearse skills. It can help to change and remove unwanted habits. A well known habit that is often sort after to have hypnotherapy to help with is smoking and other habits examples of are skin picking and hair pulling. Another area hypnotherapy is well known for is weight loss. Hypnotherapy has many additional uses than stated above.

During a free discovery call, I’ll explain more in depth of how hypnotherapy works. In short, when we are in a hypnosis we can communicate with the subconscious mind where beliefs and emotions are. We can communicate to the subconscious to help process new thoughts, beliefs  and emotions in the areas where we would like change. As an example it could be to help with public speaking fear, reducing the unwanted feelings to a more neutral response. Then bringing in calmness and confidence into that experience too.

Services in brief

Sleep Issues

Sleep is ace, this is an area I feel really passionate about. The reason why I feel passionate about it is because with good sleep, it creates a foundation to so many parts of our lives. With good sleep it can help with weight management, better focus and productivity. It can also help in other areas such as improved athletic performance, better immune response and better mental health.  Quite often people say they are bad sleepers, that they’re naturally bad however we were all once good sleepers. If you look at babies, they are naturally great sleepers. We can relearn and reconnect with this wonderful ability.  Read more…

Fears and phobias

If you can think of something, very likely someone will have a fear or a phobia to it. Most likely you know someone who is scared of something.

Sometimes we have a fear response for very good reasons and it is to keep us safe. As an example if we were near a cliff edge and start to feel anxious, it is to keep us safe and to give us a warning not to go to near the edge.

Fears and phobias can sometimes be created from a particular incident in the past or it can be something learnt from a care giver. An example of that could be a parent showing anxious signs to something and the child learning from that behaviour and takes on that response too. Read more

Sports Performance

Very commonly you’ll hear winning athletes using hypnotherapy/visualisation to to help achieve a better sporting performance. 

Hypnotherapy can help in multiple ways:

  • Removing the yips,
  • Feeling calmer in sporting events such as competitions,
  • Improve technique,
  • Improve scores,
  • Getting into the zone quicker,
  • Have more fun.

Read more

Career performance

Helping performance in the career world can take many forms.

It could be that you are not feeling the mojo with the business anymore, or that your focus and motivation has gone A.W.O.L. It may even be anxiety when presenting in front of others or picking up the phone to an enquiry fills you with dread. It may be just wanting to wind down more easily and effectively after work to create more balance.

With past clients I have helped a mixture of the above so they can be more confident and calm when presenting. To feel on fire with their motivation and productivity so they can get more done with their time. Also working to help team members interact better with one and another and enjoy their time at work more so.

If this is resonating with you, and you’d like to tell me what you’d like to achieve within your career and performance then please book in for a discovery call.

 Are you ready to make a committed change?

Are you wanting to learn more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy?

If you have answered yes and you want to progress forward, book in for a free online discovery call.


Leanne Astbury CBT
Leanne Astbury CBT
14:53 17 Sep 21
David delivered a sleep presentation for my membership group. The session was a huge success and the members gave... really positive feedback.following the session, reporting improvement in their sleep. Great work!read more
Christopher Leech
Christopher Leech
14:01 02 Aug 21
I met David with some initial scepticism about Hypnotherapy. But was put at ease very quickly. Within minutes I felt... momentum and were working on my flying phobia and social anxiety issues.His voice is perfect for Hypnotherapy and I really enjoy listening back to the audio's of our sessions.After visiting previous counsellors with very limited progress, we have made significant progress in such a short period. So much so, I have now flown and witnessed many improvements with my social anxieties also. Thanks to David, I feel my world has opened up again. He is also willing to go the extra mile to provide help with any other issues you might have.I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending David. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!Bottom line, I wish I had met David 30 years ago!read more
Samantha Bridger
Samantha Bridger
12:18 31 Mar 20
David is great at what he does. He is very professional and caring, puts you at ease and you leave a session with a... huge sense of wellbeing. He is also skilled at asking good coaching question, which can help you sort out other things going on around more
Kathy Shaw
Kathy Shaw
14:43 25 Mar 20
I have just had a an online hypnotherapy session with David and can honestly say it’s the calmest I have felt in a long... time. Thank you David I will implement the calming techniques into my everyday life from now more
Elle Owen
Elle Owen
15:30 01 Jul 19
I am so thankful to David for helping me manage my anxiety and sugar cravings. David has taught me coping skills... through hypnotism and EFT. The sessions are very informative And relaxing I always feel calm and relaxed after! Thank you David 😊read more
Bryony Pearson
Bryony Pearson
17:23 20 May 19
I went to David for hypnotherapy in the run up to my wedding, as I was worried about my anxiety taking over on my... wedding day, and me not enjoying the day.David was always welcoming and explained everything prior to it happening. Within 3 sessions, my anxiety had significantly improved, and on my wedding day, I was calm, collected, happy and able to enjoy my day. I couldn't wait to thank David, as I truly believe the day would have been very different otherwise. Not only that, my day to day anxiety has improved massively.I would 100% reccomend David, and would advise anyone who suffers with anxiety to go for a consultation and speak to David about how he can help more
More reviews


I had Clinical Hypnotherapy with David for anxiety and felt very calm and relaxed after the treatment. David puts you at ease and is very professional. I got some good coping techniques to take away. THANK YOU David



Good technique and patience. Really helped in the areas in which I wanted to improved – there has been a noticeable difference. Very pleased and would recommend if anyone is considering hypnotherapy as an option.



My initial thoughts when considering hypnosis for nervousness and panic attacks, while driving on fast roads, were scepticism and wariness. However David was very good at reassuring any worries I had and explaining the procedures. The treatments have not only helped me understand, and work through my fears, without panicking, but have also helped me assess other situations without reacting impulsively to them. I have found that I can get to sleep quicker,without running over situations that would worry me. I have a better quality of sleep and I wake up feeling refreshed, and not over planning the day ahead. The hypnosis sessions have been very helpful and much more constructive and positive than counselling. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy with David for anyone experiencing challenges and stress in life.



David has a soft voice that makes you relax instantly. He talked me through what we were going to do and how that even though it was hypnotherapy there was no way that he could make me do anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable doing. David then got me to close my eyes and we started the hypnotherapy session. His was so relaxing and easy to follow. I felt as though I had been under for longer than I thought, it was that relaxing! I weaned myself off my medication with the help of my medical professional so that I could see for myself the true benefits of this treatment. When David came to my unwanted sensation level was at a 7-8/10 after the session I was down to a 2, which for me was amazing and really slept a good health sleep for a few nights after before having to go to my “healing place” I’m pleased to say that I can go to “my healing place” when I need to and I am more able to relax and sleep better and feel more rested as a result. Thank you David



After seeing David for improving sports performance, I have found great results! David goes through what to expect with the processes and what results to expect with you. It has been a great experience throughout and would highly recommend!



Excellent session today. David is professional, approachable and produces great results. I feel energised, relaxed and refreshed with tools to help bust stress. Thank you David



David was professional, friendly and explained everything in detail before we proceeded. He took the time to assess what I needed and the best ways to work with me and made sure I was comfortable. He used a variety of techniques to achieve my goal and I think he did a great job. I have definitely achieved what I wanted to and its had a big impact on my life!



I cannot recommend David highly enough. If you’re worried about trying Hypnotherapy David will talk you through the process and cover any concerns and you’ll feel totally at ease. The even better part is it works! We’ve covered several topics already, and in once session I’ve managed to control sleep apnoea and sleep better and for longer. We’reworking on a couple of phobias at the moment too. He won’t just leave you to it afterwards either – customer follow up is brilliant. What are you waiting for? Go for it!



I just wanted to say a big thank you. I did not think that hypnotherapy would be able to help me get back on track with healthy eating. After some emotional turmoil last year, I did not realise or notice that I had turned to food as a way of coping with circumstances outside of my control. I was so impressed with my first session; I did not think that I would notice a change in myself immediately. Thank you so much for your understanding and none judgemental approach. I felt confident and at ease straight away. I am now on a much healthier path and feel much better for it, both physically and mentally. I will be sure to recommend your services. With many thanks



I had a hypnotherapy session with David as I was struggling with motivation. I was finding it difficult to study and to get motivated to go out to the gym and get active again! David really helped before we started the hypno he did a consultation to find out exactly what I wanted from it. He explained the whole process and answered any questions I had. The hypnotherapy really worked! I’ve been more motivated to go to the gym and study and passed an exam by 84%! Really would recommend David, he’s very professional and really wants to help with what you want to achieve! I’m already checking my calendar to see when I can see him next.



On Sunday David Webb hypnotised me to not eat chocolate or buy chocolate when I go to the supermarket. I went food shopping last night and didn’t want any chocolate. I bought it because my daughter wanted cream eggs. I have no urge to eat it or want it! I am amazed! Thank you!



I went to David for hypnotherapy in the run up to my wedding, as I was worried about my anxiety taking over on my wedding day, and me not enjoying the day. David was always welcoming and explained everything prior to it happening. Within 3 sessions, my anxiety had significantly improved, and on my wedding day, I was calm, collected, happy and able to enjoy my day. I couldn’t wait to thank David, as I truly believe the day would have been very different otherwise. Not only that, my day to day anxiety has improved massively. I would 100% recommend David, and would advise anyone who suffers with anxiety to go for a consultation and speak to David about how he can help you.



I can thoroughly recommend the clinical hypnotherapy treatment I received from David Webb. It has proved to be very effective insofar as it has helped to substantially decrease the symptoms and, at the same time, has now enabled me to better manage the ‘triggers’ which cause anxiety and associated conditions. His help has been invaluable. David has a very positive and confidence-inspiring manner and I have no hesitation in recommending him. A big thank you!



I went to David for help with my sleep disorder, from the first appointment David made me feel comfortable, I saw results from the first appointment, I continue to use the techniques he has taught me and my sleep goes from strength to strength. I would highly recommend David!



I engaged with Dave on his Weight reduction programme. The results spoke for themselves – down a dress size whilst never dieting or cutting out any special food group. Dave has a great empathetic manner which puts you at ease straight away. It can be painful to talk about your problems – he doesn’t judge – only listens. Dave is able to quickly understand the issues you are experiencing and to incorporate them into the hypnotherapy session. The whole experience leaves you feeling relaxed and motivated. (He is also great with cats) I highly recommend!



Thank you very much for the treatment, I found your voice very relaxing and felt really at ease the whole way through. Afterwards I had more energy and less feelings of anxiety which was a real help. Would highly recommend



David massively helped me out, he explained everything step by step and listened to what I wanted. I had insomnia that had been steadily getting worse for 6 years, after 1 session I started sleeping better than I had in a long time. It took 3 sessions overall but now it’s been a month and I’ve slept every single night. 5/5 recommendation


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Please note I am pausing taking on new clients. Apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. I wish you all the best.

Benefits of online hypnotherapy

I'm currently only offering online hypnotherapy. I have seen wonderful results with clients having online sessions

Some of the benefits to online sessions are that it can save money, save time, greater privacy and greater comfort. 

Free 30 minute discovery call:
This gives you the opportunity to see if I'm the right therapist for you and that hypnotherapy is the right choice to help you to move forward with.

Free consultation:
The consultation is in depth and we go through the myths and misconceptions of hypnosis. I'll also go through with you how hypnotherapy works to help create a positive change. Then we go into what you're currently experiencing and more importantly would you would like to achieve and succeed in.

To learn more of the process please click this link: The process of hypnosis