My journey into hypnotherapy


I’m David and my experience with hypnosis started when I was about 15.

I was fed up of feeling just a number on the pitch with my local cricket team.
I couldn’t bowl or bat but I could field. I wanted to improve and to perform better. I began using a form of hypnosis regularly and as a result my batting improved, my runs improved, I felt much calmer when in the crease and for 2 years in a row I had most improved player.

Hypnosis joined me in other parts of my life, I brought it into archery, into interviews, into public speaking, into improving sleep and even into nerves to do with first dates.

During my mid 20s, I felt stuck in a rut. I came back from working on a cruise ship as a photographer. When I got back, I just didn’t want to pick up a camera again. I remembered one of my colleagues on the cruise ship saying how meditation had helped him. I found a meditation audio and started using it and felt it helped me. I then came across a book from Paul McKenna and regularly used his hypnotherapy audio which again helped again. Then one day on social media I saw a course on meditation in a local town to me. I thought “I’m there”! On the evening of arrival it turns out it was a psychic awareness course, I wondered what I got myself into, I was shocked. The first part consisted of meditation and then psychic awareness exercises after. I found this to be very interesting which led me down the road to Reiki because I wanted to learn more about energy healing. From my experience with family, friends and a few clients I found it quite amazing at how people responded to it. While exploring deeper into my spirituality I started networking for photography.

While networking at photography, I met hypnotherapists and I’d pick their brains and found it fascinating. After 2 years of running my photography business, I started to wonder if it was the right thing for me. I had this question in the back of my mind from probably almost a year and a half. Eventually I finally made the decision to close the business. It felt a huge weight off my shoulders and I wanted a career that helped people’s wellbeing.

I looked into reflexology and personally, it just wasn’t for me. I then looked into a couple of hypnotherapy courses and it made so much sense to go down this route. During my course, the more I learnt the more I fell in love with it. With the course we had to have people to practice with and to hone the skills and I was amazed at how it wonderfully helped others. After completing my course, I registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register as a registered therapist and set up my business. I am still amazed at hearing stories of how it helps people within their lives. I love it!

My commitment to keep myself to high standards is to regularly attend a supervision session once per month. A supervision session is talking to a trained supervisor and sharing any possible challenges and getting practical advice on how to deliver therapy more effectively. In additional to the supervision session I will regularly research and learn more into hypnotherapy. As a part of a GHR requirement I have to complete and document continuous professional development into hypnotherapy and my business to be a member.

GHSC validated training in hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training.