Terms and conditions for sessions and website


  • When Hypnosis is being given then payment is to be made in full before the session commences.
  • Prices may be subject to change with adequate notice.
  • Payment can be made by electronic payment.

Bookings and Attendance

  • A treatment / appointment is defined as the time allocated by the therapist, whether a treatment session, or contact time with the therapist.
  • All treatments must be pre-booked.
  • All appointments must be made by email, social media, text or phone whether for face to face or Zoom for consultation/therapy sessions.
  • If a client is late for an appointment the time will not be extended, therefore you are reducing the time your therapist can spend with you by being late.
  • If the client has to postpone an appointment, this must be done by email and alternative dates and time must be included in that email.
  • The consultation/therapy sessions are recorded. 


Any cancellation notification within 24 hours will result in the session being classed as held and payment not refunded / transferred to another session.


  • No refunds are offered for the products of these websites, unless it is stated in writing. There is strictly a no refund policy. If you purchase a product from this website you are accepting into these terms and foregoing your right to claim for a refund.


  • The client will be discharged when the primary issue has been resolved or both parties agree the pain reduction / issue resolution is the lowest it can be or that the client is happy to be discharged. In both cases Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist and the client will agree the resolution or reduction status.
  • The client has been transferred to another recommended therapist better able to treat the cause of the pain / issue reduction. This will be agreed in writing between the new therapist and Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy. Additionally signed by the client confirming that it is okay to do so.
  • If The Client fails to disclose at the first consultation all medical history, no matter how old or unimportant The Client thinks it may be this contract is null and void and no refund will be given.
  • Your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist may give you tasks to do between treatments. The Client’s progress will be measured by an assessment at the start of the next treatment.
  • In all instances your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist will reserve the right to remove any of its personnel from a treatment if it is deemed unsafe or if they are subjected to abusive or aggressive behaviour. The Client will be immediately discharged and no refund will be given.

Permission to Touch

  • During the sessions Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist may need to touch The Client’s body in places such as knees and hands. By signing this contract you are agreeing that Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist will not under any circumstances be reported or threatened for touching The Client’s body in any way.

Client commitment

  • Any session recording, support material provided and tasks are free of charge, and only provided with your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist agreement and at the therapists discretion.
  • If The Client is supplied the recordings, support material or tasks this will help with getting the most benefit from the sessions. The Client agrees that any audios, support materials and tasks (if supplied) are expected to be done if not, this could hinder the effectiveness of my results.
  • The Client will only listen to audios when in a safe, secure place and within a relaxed environment, The Client will never listen to the audios while driving or operating equipment.

Professional and Ethical Practice

  • Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist is committed to upholding the highest possible standards of professional ethics and codes of practice in the interests of client care and confidentiality.
  • The Client acknowledges to having consented to receive the Hypnotherapy coaching sessions as dated below and agree that such sessions have been conducted to your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist satisfaction. The Client agrees that no guarantee was given or implied.
  • The Client agrees that my Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss, damage or injury arising from the consultation and/or therapy sessions.
  • If The Client has been requested by their Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist to seek consent from my medical doctor/consultant then the client has done so or will do so prior to treatment. The Client understands that their Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist does not provide any medical advice. The Client also understands that hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical care and that hypnotherapy and other techniques that may be used are used as a complementary service. If the Client has any concerns over their health The Client will seek advice of a medical professional.
  • Hypnotherapy is effective however results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important.

Success Stories

  • Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist may ask The Client for a testimonial. This could be in video form and these will be recorded by Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy therapist after your sessions if you agree to do one.

Data Protection

  • Your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist may share anonymously the details of your treatment to their coach as part of their Continuous Professional Development and Supervision contract.
  • Your Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist will not disclose your details to any third party unless obliged to do so by law.
  • Confidentiality can be broken for the following reasons: 1. Threat to Self 2. Threat to Others 3. Suspicion of Abuse 4. Act of terrorism
  • Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy will store The Clients data for 7 years unless required to hold it longer under UK law or asked to be destroyed by the client in writing.

The data The Company will hold will be

  • your name,
  • address,
  • contact email
  • contact phone number
  • date of birth
  • client Intake and consent form
  • any medical Information you provide
  • We will be holding this data on you as we are required to keep it for the following reasons:
  • To prove The Client has agreed to this contract
  • To prove Mid-Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy Therapist has completed the treatment
  • To comply with our insurance requirements
  • The audio and information (the audio) provided by Mid Cheshire Clinical Hypnotherapy (MIDCCH), on this web site and on other platforms, is only for educational purposes only.
  • You should only listen to the audio when you are in a safe environment and in a place where you feel secure. You should not listen to it whilst you are driving or operating machinery.
  • MIDCCH accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage that occurs in the course, or as a result of, you listening to the audio. The audio in no way removes from you, your own responsibility for your actions and decisions.
  • The audio provided by MIDCCH is not a cure and is not a replacement for medical care or advice provided by a Doctor or Psychiatric Consultant. If you have any concerns about your health or well-being or if you have suicidal thoughts or feelings you should seek advice from a medical professional before listening to this audio
  • Hypnotherapy is effective however results may vary and success is not guaranteed. Full client commitment is important.